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Settore scientifico disciplinare di riferimento IMPIANTI E SISTEMI AEROSPAZIALI (ING-IND/05)
Ateneo Universita telematica "Giustino Fortunato" - Benevento 
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Personal Data

Name: Giovanni Callarà
Born: Rome il 22 october 1949

Basic formation

Graduation: High school for Mechanical “Perito industriale meccanico”
University: Engineering first two years
English Language: Shenker Institut 1975, 1976. Team Teaching, course post intermediate
level 60 (1981-82)
Knowledge level: Medium / High

Professional Formation

Computer: Visual basic application in Excel, Word, Access (Office package)
Advanced knowledge of AUTOCAD for mechanical design

Aeronautics and Aircraft courses ATA104 level III
Aircrafts Airbus A319, A320, A321 A300B in Airbus Toulouse and Hamburg
Douglas DC10, MD11, MD80, DC9, Fokker 70/100
Boeing B747, B727
Type Boeing 737 New Generation series 600, 700, 800 at SAS
Type Boeing 737 –300 e –400 at Air One
Type CRJ 700/900 by Bombardier
Line maintenance courseA310 A330-600 in Lufthansa

Power Plant: Specific Courses for engines G.E. CF6 50, CF6 80, in General Electric
Rolls Royce engine TAY (for Fokker 70) and V2500 (A321)
in Rolls-Royce England. Engine Course V2500 in Lufthansa
P.W. JT9 for DC10 series 40
Course of Boroscope Inspection CF34-8C 31 October 2007

APU: GTCP 36-30 in Garrett (Arizona) TSCP 700 (DC10),
GPCP 36-300 e GTCP 131-9° at Allied Signal

CBT: VACBI (For Airbus A320) administrator at Airbus Toulouse

Variors: Seminar for instructors ad exhaminer at ANCIFAP (Terni) (1980),
Total Quality (1984) and Human Factors in aeronautic activity (1999)

Job Experiences

DEISAN srl Technician for medical equipments (Anaesthesia ad resuscitation equipments) (1970-1971)

DPZ s.r.l. Designer for naval furnishing and systems (1972-1973)

Alitalia S.p.A (Roma) Engineering Production for APU’s and pneumatic components
From 1 january 1974 to august 1980
Technical Instructor by Alitalia “Centro Addestramento Tecnico” from 1980 to february 2002
Activity in all courses level 3 for all Aircraft mentionated in “Professional
Courses for Engine Run UP, Engine Test and Performance for engines CF6-50, CF6-80, CFM56, JT8D-200
Courses for main part 66 modules
Preparation of technical training manuals
Responsible of CBT VACBI for Airbus training
Elaboration of special software in visual basic for compilation of multi-choice

Recognitions: Recognition from ENAC of JAA 147 technical instructor for A/C A320/320
And MD80 Power Plant and Airframe Systems
Recognition from ENAC as Technical Examiner

Air One S.p.A. Technical instructor by Air One training Dep.
Instructor for courses level 3 Airframe and power plant for Aircraft B737-200, 300, 400, 500 A/C B737 NG 600, 800. A/C Citation 650, Airbus A320 family enhanced versions A/C Bombardier CRJ 700-900

Recognitions: Recognition from ENAC of EASA part 147 technical instructor
Airframe and power plant for
-A/C B737 (Cat A),
-A/C A320 family (Cat A, B1, B2)
-A/C Bombardier CRJ700-900 (Cat A, B1 and B2)

Arcolumbia 1) Consultant for modules M11, M15, M17 Part 66 LTT (Lufthansa
Lufthansa technical training) by Aircolumbia base of Pescara (IT) (from 22 October 2009 to 31 July 2011)

Superjet RRJ Part 147 Technical Instructor and theoretical examiner
International (Cat A, B1 and B2), from 1 jan. 2012 to 30 sept. 2014. From 1 to 30 june 2016
Currently in state of validity

Aeronautica Militare Corso Cat. B1-B2 Airbus A319 AMI (January 2015).
31° Stormo CIA Currently in state of validity

Piaggio Aerospace P180 Avanti I / II and EVO. Course B2 April 2015
P180 Avanti I / II and EVO. Course B1 September 2015
Instructor of P1HH Hammerhead course Level 3 Mechanical/Avionics
Currently in charger.

Piaggio Aerospace P180 Avanti I / II Part 147 Theoretical Technical Instructor (Cat, B1 and B2)
From may 2016. Currently in state of validity

Università Professor of Aircraft Onboard Systems and instruments from (July 2016).
Telematica Currently in charge.
Giustino Fortunato