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Settore scientifico disciplinare di riferimento  (ING-IND/03)
Ateneo Benevento - Universita telematica "Giustino Fortunato" 
Struttura di afferenza Facoltà di Giurisprudenza 

Orari di ricevimento

Piattaforma: ogni martedì dalle 19.00 alle 20.00 In sede durante le date di esame


Liutenent Eng. Simone Mancini Born 1985 in Ortona (CH). Education: Bachelor degree of Naval Architect and Marine Engineering at the Italian Naval Accademy (2005-2009); Master graduation at the University of Naples “Federico II” in Naval Architect and Marine Engineering (2009-2011); PhD at the University of Naples “Federico II” (2013-2016), main focus: application of Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods in the principal naval architecture problems. PhD Thesis: "THE PROBLEM OF THE VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION PROCESSES OF CFD SIMULATIONS OF PLANING HULLS" Work Experience: (2005-2009) provisional embarks (2011-2013) Head of Safety and Auxiliary Plants ITS CAVOUR (2016- on going) Head of Safety and Auxiliary Plants ITS CARABINIERE Member of HMSV (High Speed Marine Vehicles) Symposium organising committee (Royal Institution of Naval Architects Conference) Associate member of SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers) Member of ATENA (Associazione italiana di TEcnica NAvale) Pubblicazioni 2016 “Flettner Rotor Concept for Marine Applications: A Systematic Study” G. Calise, F. De Luca, A. De Marco, S. Mancini, C. Pensa; International Journal of Rotating Machinery, ISSN 1023-621X, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, New York, USA, Volume 2016, Article ID 3458750, 12 pages, Contributo nei capitoli “Contribution of the High Performance Computing (HPC) in Naval Architecture Researches” e “Roll Decay of Intact and Damaged DTMB 5415 Ship” del libro “High Performance Scientific Computing Using Distributed Infrastructures Results and Scientific Applications Derived from the Italian PON ReCaS Project” L. Merola, Andronico G., Bellotti R., De Nardo G., Laccetti G., Maggi G., Russo G., Silvestris L., Tangaro S., Tassi E., ISBN: 978-981-4759-70-0, World Scientific Publishing (in press). “An Extended Verification and Validation Study of CFD Simulations for Planing Hulls”, F. De Luca, S. Mancini, S. Miranda, C. Pensa, Journal of Ship Research, Vol. 60, No. 2, June 2016, pp. 101–118, ISSN 0022-4502, SNAME, Alexandria, VA, USA, “Three - Dimensional Pressure Distribution on Planing Hulls” E. Begovic, H. Klymenko, S. Mancini, S. Pennino, A. Scamardella; Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering (MARTECH 2016), 4-6 June, Lisbon, Portugal) 2015 “Hydrodynamic Performances of Small Size Swath Craft” E. Begovic, C. Bertorello, S. Mancini Journal Brodogradnja/Shipbuilding, Volume 66 number 4, December 2015, Zagreb, Croatia “Interceptor device for a high-speed displacing craft (comparison between CFD simulation and experimental data)” F. De Luca, S. Mancini, A. Manfredini, C. Pensa, 18th International Conference on Ships and Shipping Research (NAV 2015), 24-26 June 2015, Lecco, IT “CFD for Energy Efficiency: Design and Measurements” E. Fasano, S. Mancini, Workshop on Energy Saving on 18th International Conference on Ships and Shipping Research (NAV 2015), ISBN: 978-88-940557-1, 24-26 June 2015, Lecco, IT “Marine Application of Flettner Rotors: Numerical Study on a Systematic Variation of Geometric Factor by DoE Approach ” A. De Marco, S. Mancini, C. Pensa, R. Scognamiglio, L. Vitiello; 6th International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (Marine 2015),15-17 June 2015, Rome, IT “Roll damping assessment of intact and damaged ship by CFD and EFD methods” E. Begovic, A.H. Day, A. Inçecik, S. Mancini, D. Pizzirusso; Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on the Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles, 13-19 June 2015, Glasgow, UK 2014 “Preliminary Analysis for Marine Application of Flettner Rotors” A. De Marco, S. Mancini, C. Pensa; Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Naval Architect and Maritime, 23-24 October 2014, Istanbul, TK “Numerical evaluation of Wake and Thrust deduction fraction of a Warped Hard Chine Hulls Systematic Series” F. De Luca, S. Mancini, C. Pensa, G. Staiano; Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on High Speed Marine Vehicles, 15-17 October 2014, Naples, IT